Online Advertising

The Internet is one of the most important media for advertising. It not only complements your other forms of advertising, but also reaches a unique, distinctive class of audience. Consumers on the Internet are generally the most sought after because of their purchasing power.

Here's why: National Internet Demographics
• The average age of Internet users is 35.1 years.
• The average income is $52,500.
• 63% of Internet users have attended or graduated from college
• 13.7% have attained Master's degrees, and 5.3% hold Phds, MDs, or law degrees.

For an Average Internet user:
• Has 19 sessions per month
• Visits 10 unique Web sites per month
• Spends approximately 1 hour per site
• Spends 10 hours on the Net each month
• Spends 10 hours on the Net each month --Nielsen/Net Ratings Internet Growth
• Internet traffic is doubling every 100 days
• Internet Transactions surpass $300 billion by 2002.

"The Internet's pace of adoption eclipses all other technologies that preceded it. Radio was in existence for 38 years before 50 million people tuned in; TV took 13 years to reach that benchmark. The Internet crossed that line in 4 years." --From The Emerging Digital Economy Report, US Department of Commerce "

(In 1992), there were only 50 Web sites. Now 65,000 are being added--every hour." --US Secretary of Commerce William Daley

Online Ads Get Noticed!

• Internet users are 34% more likely to be aware of a brand after only a single banner ad exposure and 44% more likely after two exposures than those who have not seen the banner ad.1

• Studies show that consumers who visit a retailers Web site spend 33% more annually at the same retailers store.8
• Online advertising increases off-line sales, with consumer loyalty increasing an average of 4% toward advertised brands after only a single banner ad exposure.1

• 63% of Internet users believe that companies advertising on the Web are "more forward thinking than other brands."1
• Online advertising ranks higher than TV in ability to create a brand-linked impression.1

• Television audiences are migrating to the Internet. Twelve percent of PC users admit to giving up outdoor activities, 17% give up reading magazines, books or household chores, 24% give up eating or sleeping, but 78% admit giving up television watching time to "surf the Web." 3

• Internet Demographics are an advertiser's dream: Internet users are young, well educated and earn high incomes. The average Internet user is almost 35 years old, and have a household income of more than $60k. 4

• Internet traffic doubles every 100 days. 5

• Approaching the popularity of magazine reading, 20% of Americans go online for news once a week or more, up from 6% in 1996.6

(1Source: Internet Advertising Bureau. 2Source: Morgan Stanley Technology Research. 3Source: Forester Research, Inc. 4Source: GVU WWW User Survey. 5Source: Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service. 6Source: PEW Research. 7Source: Microsoft Corp. 8Source: National Retail Federation.)

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