Our Values at Work

Well-rounded benefits and lavish satisfaction of our clients & customers is one of the ultimate objectives of our company. Our company is well-equipped with expert faculty, lavish resources and latest technology to support, equip, and guide the people of all walks of life in utilizing optimally the revolutionary resources of Software & Information Technology and the Internet into their businesses--- in order to facilitate and manage various activities, diversify the business, entice more customers, and harvesting huge profit from doing the business, or in progressing even further more, for well-rounded business & economic progress and prosperity. We are at every juncture with them, serving them with utmost care, concern, and commitment, ingeniously, scrupulously, promptly & punctually, and of course, economically.

Our consistent, magnificent, and impeccable performance is attributed to our following core values:

Integrity and honesty.
Responsible, supportive, and reliable.
Promptitude and punctuality
Visionary innovation and elegant ingenuity
Considerate, solicitous, scrupulous, and impeccable Customer Care
Perceptive and receptive
Keeping-up excelling ourselves
Always available, 24- hours/ 365 -days.
Passion and curiosity for customers, partners, latest technology, and visionary innovations.
Open and respectful to "creative Changes".
Daring to take on challenges and tackle them successfully.
Introspection, Self-evaluation and Self-improvement.
Stringent Maintenance of superior quality standards of all products and projects.

eindiabusiness.com amongst the Top 30 Global B2B Portals

May 6th, 2009. DUBLIN.
eindiabusiness.com has been selected among the Top 30 B2B Portals of the world, according to the latest (May 2009) B2B Online Media Report(Update) issued by the Research and Markets.

eindiabusiness.com has achieved the impressive ranking due to its consistent, visionary, and unique endeavour to provide its myriads of perceptive and discerning clients of all economic sectors, and belonging to every part of India and the world, better and greater satisfaction.
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They're back...bigger and better. Thirty-one categories and hundreds of websites vying for the top spot. Last year, we silenced those who predicted doom. This year we drive the point home with the Best Indian Websites 2008.
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"Web solutions for every business"
This is the motto of eIndiaBusiness.com and to achieve that is what its owner Vinayak Sinha works for.Vinayak Sinha, an ex Delhi University student who later did his MBA, started his venture in 2001. The comapany, initially started from home, is now spread over seventeen cities all over India with its headquartes in Noida.
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