Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization :: Are you Visible ??
The Basics of Internet - Search Engine Optimization - must for every Business. Internet starts from here, the basic search into search engines for your products & services

The Basic Advantages of having your Search Engine Optimization include ::

¤ Extended Mileage - For Your Products/ Services
¤ Extention to Your Existing Network
¤ One of the fastest growing media
¤ Available to Everybody - 24 hours/ day, 365 days/ year
¤ Cost Effective - in terms of sending your brochure/ samples to everybody & anybody
¤ Fast - available immediately
¤ Easy to Update - as compared to any printed brochure/ catalog

For this, we offer the following services as per site requirements ::

» Website Conceptualization
» Content Planning
» Catalog Development
» Catalog Management
» Online Payment Gateway Installation
» Online Vouchers/ Invoicing
» Online Marketing of your product Catalog Online

We conceptualize your cyber store as per the internet trends & your product profile.

Catalog Development
We develop your online store integrated with enhanced shopping cart & payment gateway.

Quality Web Hosting
We host the website on a high performance, secured server with multiple connectivity to the Internet Backbone.

Targeted and Result Oriented Traffic
Once the site is hosted, the Online Marketing Team enhances the technical content of the website & starts the Internet marketing of the website.

Enhanced Quality Business Promotion
Our Basic emphasis is your business development on Internet. This is totally result oriented performance in search engines which always keep you in top listings in all search engines.

Not Just a Home Page but Comprehensive Business Promotion
Our methodical promotional strategy clubbed together with quality design ensures a distinct place for your page in the ocean of pages on the web; and reach out to your target customers. Our strategic web promotion makes the real difference by making your page / site a successful Internet venture.

Promotional Strategy Embedded in the Design of Web Page
Our promotional strategy is reflected right from the very first step of page designing that includes specialized copyrighting for the web, tightly composed page title, comprehensive keyword coverage, site description using meta tags & first line method, minimizing load factor and relevancy booster mechanism for search yields.

Registration into over 150 International Search Engines
Your business announcement is submitted to over 150 most popular international search engines, including Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Excite, Hotbot, Webcrawler, Infoseek, AOL Netfind, Planetsearch, Northernlight, Anzwers, Directhit, MSN Search, Startingpoint, Comfind, and many more...

Registration into over 50 India & Asia Related Web Indices & Engines. amongst the Top 30 Global B2B Portals

May 6th, 2009. DUBLIN. has been selected among the Top 30 B2B Portals of the world, according to the latest (May 2009) B2B Online Media Report(Update) issued by the Research and Markets. has achieved the impressive ranking due to its consistent, visionary, and unique endeavour to provide its myriads of perceptive and discerning clients of all economic sectors, and belonging to every part of India and the world, better and greater satisfaction.
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They're back...bigger and better. Thirty-one categories and hundreds of websites vying for the top spot. Last year, we silenced those who predicted doom. This year we drive the point home with the Best Indian Websites 2008.
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"Web solutions for every business"
This is the motto of and to achieve that is what its owner Vinayak Sinha works for.Vinayak Sinha, an ex Delhi University student who later did his MBA, started his venture in 2001. The comapany, initially started from home, is now spread over seventeen cities all over India with its headquartes in Noida.
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